Core Business

Core Business

Dartcom SA (Pty) Ltd is a specialist distributor and provider of value-added services in the telecommunication and other higher-end technology sectors and is the country’s premier specialist distributor of radio frequency (RF), fibre optic communications technologies, including sub systems, accessories, batteries, telecommunication access and termination equipment as well as outside plant hardware and software systems

Dartcom SA assembles, manufactures, tests, provides product support and quality management of its products as a result of technology transfer via licensing agreements with its suppliers. Together with its principle agencies, Dartcom SA is equipped to fully support its extensive product range through constant R&D development and levels one, two and three product support and maintenance.

Dartcom SA provides Fibre Optic, RF and infrastructure products that interface with OEMs, fibre, RF, radio and related equipment for fixed line and mobile which are largely deployed in backbone and access networks.

The company ensures that regular upgrading, maintenance and R&D, together with its technology partners, is available for local use, ensuring the customer is always exposed to the latest technological advancements. The most up-to-date developments to support customer premise terminating equipment with industry conformed remote fibre test systems, access management systems, network timing equipment, FTTx solutions and locally developed outside plant hardware and software access and protection systems are all available.

Dartcom SA is committed to ensuring the customer’s needs are met with favourable tailored solutions at competitive prices that accelerate results and success.

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